Thomas Radburn
BA (Hons) Product Design and Craft

Cynefin a Hiraeth

Thomas Radburn is a contemporary craftsman, exploring the alchemy of glass and creating artefactual objects exploring place. They aim to peruse the exploration of materials. Heavily inspired by capturing place, he works to make with materials sourced from specific locations. This can be places important or influential to him, or locations with interesting geology.  His use of materials is driven by understanding the composition of glass and natural materials. The understanding of location and materials drives his outcomes and guides his use of colour and form. Through his knowledge of glass, his selection of materials is considered and deliberate. Collecting materials such as sand, shells, and plant ash, being conscious to only collect with minimal impact on the environment. The collected materials are then meticulously processed and refined to achieve the best possible outcome for the resulting material. After forming his material, he uses his skills in glass to polish and cut, creating beautiful objects. Further, then working the material into beads and other forms to be used in jewellery. The significant aspect of his work is its challenge to the use of traditional gemstones. The material created having similar qualities and uses as gemstone, without any resulting ethical issues. The bespoke nature of his making focuses on there being no wider humanitarian or environmental impact, other than his own intervention.

Design Award Shortlisted