Tom Passmore
BA (Hons) Filmmaking

Tom Passmore

This year I really wanted to explore myself as a practioner and push myself. From being a producer across three projects and Directing my own three screen installation. Without realising all four projects touch on the topics of Mental health, masculinty and empowerment. 

With Fighting For Myself I wanted to start a conversation between people on mental health and themselves. Instead of Men feeling like they can't speak out and have only one option. Like myself in the past. This project is to show people its good to talk.

I wanted to show my coping mechanism to dealing with my inner battles and struggles which is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. From this I explored Ben, my mentor, trainer and close friend who has also struggled with mental health in the past.

In future I plan to keep coming back to these topics through narrative and documentary films to keep creating a conversation that needs to happen.

A massive thank you to Inspire Jiu-Jitsu and Ben Knight, James Nolan-Diver and my amazing crew who helped bring this to life. I cannot thank you enough

If you know anyone who might be struggling. Give them a call, a hug, or ask them for a coffee. check in on your friends and family, and just ask them "you alright?"

If you are struggling. You're not alone. In the website section below. I've attached a link to Mind Charity.