Yasmin Lee
BA (Hons) Animation

Yasmin Lee

2D Animated Short Film: XIN

I am an animation student mainly specialised in the 2D animation pipeline. This is my final year animated short: Xin.

Film synopsis: On the night of their moving day, five-year-old Yan is sleeping restfully in her cosy bed. Suddenly, she is interrupted by a cast of shadows moving frantically across her room which frightens her deeply. She hurries out of her bed to switch the light on, only to discover that there is nothing in sight. Hesitant to go back to sleep, she decides to head downstairs to find her stuffed comfort teddy packed away in a cardboard box. She bears her trusty torch and sneaks towards the kitchen in hopes of finding her teddy, however she soon uncovers what more awaits her within the dim, vacant household.

I would like to further develop my skills to become a junior 2D animator for children television series and feature films.