Alysha Brown

Alysha Brown - BA (Hons) Filmmaking

A Feeling of Inadequacy

Hiya, my name is Alysha Brown and I am an aspiring film maker and practitioner. I am especially engaed with the role of filmaker and cinematographer, it allows me to see the world through a creative eye. Bringing a story to life through film sparks joy for not only myself but also for those watching the creation. I enjoy provoking others to think and make their own opinions about what they are consuming through the visulals and cinematography.

A feeling of Inadequacy is a documentary about five women who explain the effects of society they have felt through different generations. They explain passionate stories with robust emotion. This is shown through a series of experimental and editoral filmaking. 

Additionally, I have worked on a short film "My Dad The Spaceman" as Cinematographer. I made sure to capture the raw emotion the director wanted to portray through experimenting with different lenses, lighting and cameras. 

I hope you enjoy the exhibition and thank you. :)