Matthew Cornelius

Matthew Cornelius - BA (Hons) Filmmaking

My industry-given labels would be "Writer", "Cinematographer", "Photographer" and "Editor", but I consider myself more as a Visual Storyteller... (And as someone that hates when filmmaking becomes pretentious - but still finds himself coming up with stupid labels like "Visual Storyteller" to describe himself and his work)... I think my work reflects that mentality, as the scripts I write have something "important" to say but never is it my primary focus; I want my audience to have had fun, or to have been scared - simply - to have felt an emotion. 

So, I have often worked within genres, something that sets up from the start the desired end goal, in terms of audience emotion - in my comedies, I wanted to make people laugh or smile a little at the least. In my horror I wanted to make people scared... you know, what the genre is expected to do - but maybe in a way that is new and exciting for the audience too, and with a little message that can be submerged underneath the genre.