Amy Li

Amy Li - BA (Hons) Fine Art


To remember, to visualize, to feel, to collect, to archive, to memorize, to re-visit, to consider, to reflect, to compose, to immerse.

We treat memories like prized possessions, elevating them, treasuring, revering them. I delve into the repositories of tangible objects and the internal archives within me. I repurpose those instances, deconstructing and reconstructing them into immersive environments and narrative settings.

The significance of memory is truly profound, and when intertwined with immersive 3D technology, it has the power to encapsulate the core of experience and emotion. I am captivated by the essence of how memories are translated through digital means. The ability to create intricate pieces that can be brought into three-dimensional space is what makes 3D modeling truly fascinating to me.

I view technology as a collaborative tool, where I, as the artist, maintain control. I aim to encapsulate the atmosphere within cherished memories and present them as a visual narrative