Anna Wilson-Knight

Anna Wilson-Knight - BA (Hons) Textiles In Practice

Sculptural Harmonies

I am an interdisciplinary textile designer who harnesses modern and traditional techniques to create sculptural, three-dimensional textiles. My work uses established, hands-on techniques such as origami, embroidery and natural dying. I fuse these techniques with the contemporary practices of 3D printing and laser cutting to explore the boundaries of textiles.

I focus on creating calming pieces of art that intend to radiate tranquillity and initiate moments of awe within public spaces and costume design. Movement is a fundamental theme running through my practice as I am inspired by the shapes and forms within nature and the human body. I use water and professional dancers to document movement through photography, I then use this imagery to inform my work. Nostalgic memories of the ocean and my personal experiences of dance also influence my practice.

For my final project, I was commissioned to create a paper sculpture for the Vertical Gallery. This project concentrated on building a large-scale, public installation that encapsulated movement and promoted wellbeing within our university. Below you can find a description of my paper sculpture Harmony, which is located in the reception area of the Benzie Building.

Harmony is a paper installation that depicts the peaceful, fluid movements within nature and dance. Inspired by my photography which captures the silhouettes of professional dancers and the movement of water, Harmony radiates fluidity while celebrating female anatomy.

This sculpture is a culmination of my extensive research into the benefits of biophilic design and installation artworks within NHS hospitals. Aligning with this research, this installation intends to introduce the natural environment into an interior space. By replicating the peaceful movements within nature and dance, Harmony aims to create moments of mindfulness and boost wellbeing within a busy public space. 

Vertical Gallery Commission