Archie Davidson

Archie Davidson - BA (Hons) Product Design and Craft

Morris Chair & Side Table + Small - Medium - Large Benches

Morris Chair & Side Table - Identifying the similarities between the reaction to the ongoing technological revolution and the industrial revolution. The Morris Chair and Side Table’ is an amalgamation of the materials and processes commonly found in the material world as we know, making use of standardised fittings and automated manufacturing processes. Featured on the flanks of both pieces are period Morris & Company wallpaper samples which have been digitally restored and engraved to adhere to the aesthetics of the design but retain the three dimensionality of the original sample. With these elements in place the Chair and Side Table marry decorative elements of the Arts and Crafts movement with new material thinking and design, with the hope of making users consider how the standard materials which surround use everyday could be made more special.

Small - Medium - Large Benches - These benches are meticulously crafted and are made for the use of all. They’re designed to make full use of standard timber board sheet, featuring exposed fixings that are both functional and decorative, they can be disassembled for convenient storage or shipping.

They’re placed in the vertical gallery to facilitate conversation between students, staff and guests. No single group is to be prioritised and interconnection between them should be encouraged as the benches are intended, like the rest of the exhibition, to be for all.

With these benches I wish to sustain conversation and reflection above all. The time spent in institutions like art school can be formative, stressful and invaluable so creating a small space where all are considered peers is what I hope I can sustain. Environmentally the benches are designed to be resized year-on-year and can easily be repaired. 

Vertical Gallery Commission