Caleb Thompson

Caleb Thompson - BA (Hons) Filmmaking

Transforming Utange

As the director of this documentary, my vision was to create a powerful and emotionally resonant exploration of the work and impact of Utange Orphans Charity. Through a combination of intimate interviews, immersive cinematography, and evocative imagery, I aimed to draw viewers into the world of the documentary, fostering empathy, understanding, and connection. By centering the experiences and voices of those directly affected by the charity's work, I hoped to humanize the issue of poverty and inspire viewers to take action in their own communities. Ultimately, my goal with this film was not only to shine a light on the incredible work of Utange Orphans Charity but also to provoke thought, spark conversation, and ignite change. I believe that by bearing witness to the resilience, strength, and humanity of the individuals featured in the documentary, audiences will be moved to engage more deeply with the issues explored and become agents of positive transformation in the world.