Cara Storer

Cara Storer - BA (Hons) Fine Art and Art History

You Are Your Objects

'You Are Your Objects' is an ongoing photography-based publication exploring the sentimentality of objects around the home. It investigates the otherwise presumed mundane, asking why individuals hold onto things and put certain aspects on show. Together, these images present candid portraits individuals through domestic self-curated collection.

Limited A5 zines containing black and white analogue images across 20 pages.

Storer often explores the intersection of the everyday and contemporary art. Through her studio practice, Storer elevates the banality of the commonplace to a Fine Art standard, highlighting the otherwise overlooked details of our surroundings. Whilst recently focusing on photography, her practice also expands to include paint, print, collage and film. Previously, these projects have also included working with archival material and found objects.

In her written work, Storer analyses art and society through a socio-political lens; dissecting themes of social hierarchy, capitalism and consumerism amongst class-based narratives of art history. Her recently completed dissertation, ‘Class Inequality in the Creative/Cultural Industries – Does the Working Class have a place in the arts?’ reflects her commitment to probing issues of accessibility and inclusion within the Creative Industries. This essay has acted as a catalyst as she hopes to continue working towards opportunities for equality within the sector, dismantling the taboo of discussing such issues.