Robyn Igraine Thompson

Robyn Igraine Thompson - BA (Hons) Fine Art and Art History

Acceptance & Function

My chosen theme explores how an individual's various states of being can affect their overall perception and therefore be translated in their practice. Learning how one overcomes or comes to terms with mental health related struggles has been a fundamental component to my growth and development throughout the past three years and I believe my work reflects that. Instead of falling victim to internal negativities I’ve chosen to explore those emotions and how those states contribute to one’s overall functionality and harmony. Within the collection of works, acceptance is portrayed through the chaotic yet harmonious coexistence of different colours, forms and the integration of text. The paintings evoke the feeling of finding acceptance amidst chaos, therefore finding their function which is to help unravel inner turbulence for personal understanding. The dynamic interplay of colours represents different aspects of life, each finding its place and contributing to overall balance. The layering within the works symbolises the plethora of human emotion within one existence, the rough texture and embedded word evoking the complexity of personal narratives, altogether achieving functionality as these elements create a cohesive visual experience. The circular shape I use throughout the collection reinforces the idea of cyclical transitions, emphasising that acceptance of each phase and emotion leads to the next, contributing to the overall functionality and continuity of life.