Daisy Jenson

Daisy Jenson - BA (Hons) Textiles In Practice

New York colour

I am a surface designer specialising in printed textiles and product development. I develop imagery through playful drawing to be used across surfaces and products in the home to create a joyful atmosphere. My practice explores developing colour palettes and creating specific colours through a mix of trend-led, colour psychology and visual research as well as intuitive inspiration to create joyful palettes that promote sustainable use of products. I believe that creating meaningful colour stories through projects is the key to sustainable colour practice.

I am most often inspired by travel, documenting and translating extensive visual research through drawing, painting and collage. Looking specifically at shapes, composition and forming playful drawings from this. I like working with gouache paint as well as pencils, oil pastels and drawing ink, to explore colour and composition. 

My final collection is based on a trip to New York, I was inspired by the vibrant Art & design scene in the city and developed my long-term colour palette from this as well as drawing directly from my photographs picking specific shapes and lines to create playful compositions to translate onto fabric. I screen printed one- off samples using hand- painted screens with reactive dye as well as printing 5 metre lengths of repeat screens with pigment. 

I find a combination of soft and hard materials interesting, so I have also found it important in my practice to create laser cut wooden shapes to paint and play with composition and visualise their potential to be used as decorative objects and across products. This is something I have explored further through my commission for the Vertical gallery, developing these hard samples into installation for public spaces. 

Vertical Gallery Commission