Izzy Macsween

Izzy Macsween - BA (Hons) Textiles In Practice

Architectural Abstraction

I am a woven textile designer with a passion for sustainable, innovative and engaging designs for interior contexts. My work often combines organic and geometric elements through mark-making, collage and print processes to create unique but sophisticated designs for commercial markets.

‘Architectural Abstraction’ is an upholstery fabric collection inspired by the movements of Op Art, Series Painting and Systems Art. By choosing a limited but bold colour palette and using simple architectural forms, the collection explores systematic repeats, layering and colour-mixing in great depth, celebrating the creative design process itself. Using felted finishes and dense fabric qualities, the soft materiality of the collection combines with optical patterns to bring a sense of playfulness to commercial interior spaces. The addition of poly-propylene and wire yarns in experimental samples propose ways in which stiffer fabric qualities could be constructed while maintaining some flexibility. I am always interested in how fabric can be designed with sustainability in mind by being multi-functional, and incorporating interactivity to make people more connected to the spaces around them.

Design Award Winner