Dani Driver

Dani Driver - BA (Hons) Filmmaking


I'm Dani Driver and I'm a 5"2 born and breed Yorkshire female writer/ director. I’ve written and directed several short films since college and been growing my voice, creating stories that touch on the messiness and beauty of humanity and people. I studied BA Filmmaking at the School of Digital Arts at Manchester Metropolitan University, often focusing on representing and writing women on the screen and exploring relationships between people, often taking from my own experiences as a queer female filmmaker. I hope to move people with stories and continue writing and directing underrepresented characters and just keep creating meaningful art.

Seashore is a culmination of my personal love for bittersweet romance films and my passion to represent a female queer relationship that is driven by character and not external conflict. I wanted to create a film that not only queer people could relate to, but also anyone who’s ever had a relationship not work out and show the hidden beauty of lost love.