Ela Skorska

Ela Skorska - BA (Hons) Photography


Ela's practice investigates the interplay of light and shadow, focused on abstraction and geometrical shapes created by collaborating with chance.

The City, with its structures, play a significant role in Ela's work, delivering her ever-inspiring playground for exploration and creativity expressed through her brutalist perspective rooted in her upbringing in Poland.

In her latest project, Ela Skorska has been exploring the existence of her analogue photography in the modern world. Contemplating the longevity of her images being 'stuck' in the constraints of the frame and the sculptural properties of her brutalism-inspired images, Ela investigates a photograph as a 3D object, its potential to exist as one and resolved to liberate it through interdisciplinary methods ranging from Fine Art processes like painting and sculpture to modern technology of 3D modelling and printing, and a range of materials working with concrete, magnets and laser-cut Perspex.