Eleanor Cooper

Eleanor Cooper - BA (Hons) Textiles In Practice

The animals who went to a luncheon

As an illustrative print designer, my work will always begin in a sketchbook. My works' purpose is not to fill a space with colour but is to convey a strong story that can fit into multiple spaces or ideas.

My concepts can be found through archival work or through different eye-catching imagery, but I enjoy taking a spin on everyday imagery to create playful, detailed artwork.

In this collection of work I have responded to this years Pentland X Pol Roger competition. This year marks the 175th anniversary of Pol Roger and the brief was the capture the historic friendship between Odette Pol Roger and Winston Churchill in a sustainable champagne gift packaging design. 

My project captures the first luncheon where Odette and Churchill met and the friendship began. Specialising in realism artwork, I wanted to recreate the luncheon with different characters to encapsulate Churchills love for animals. The characters in the design are animals that Churchill looked after in his family home, Chartwell.