Mary Craig

Mary Craig - BA (Hons) Textiles In Practice

Urgency Of Echo

As a multimedia textile artist, I revitalise age-old skills like embroidery by fusing them with cutting-edge processes like digital printing and digital stitching, complemented by unique decorations. My passion to effect change, especially in the area of environmental sustainability, drives my work. Subconscious collages serve as my first source of inspiration for concepts and colour schemes. I use these to create sketches that turn into detailed digital embroidery designs, each of which reflects my dedication to encouraging the development of a more sustainable world. I enjoy working on a large scale to captivate a diverse audience. Throughout most of my work, I have focused exclusively on highlighting environmental issues to raise awareness. However, in my recent endeavour’s, I have adopted an optimistic approach, aiming to spotlight the solutions and community strategies that have positively impacted the environment. Art is a powerful tool, and I find great fulfillment in creating pieces with profound meanings.

Vertical Gallery Commission