Eloise Ford

Eloise Ford - BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Technology


My design specialty is unisex garments. I identify with this area of fashion, as I personally wear a lot of menswear and unisex garments myself. Therefore, when I envision my designs I like to imagine how my garments will look on all genders. I would like to imagine that in order to create a more sustainable future, perhaps more attention could be given to the benefits of inclusive, multifunctional fashion.

Another area of interest within fashion for me is archival garments, specifically military uniforms. I find them to be extremely useful as initial design inspiration, especially when considering their functionality and the stories behind their creation. A key component of my work has been to try and capture the history of the garments but through a contemporary lens, attempting to reimagine them outside of their original context. 

Highlighting a garment’s history and learning the story behind its purpose, helps to create a relationship between the item and the consumer. I think owning a garment that itself holds more meaning whether that be personal or historical can increase the lifespan of a garment, as it undertakes new memories and history, rather than becoming a throwaway item of clothing. 

Therefore, for my final collection, I was inspired to juxtapose archival uniforms of the past with modern working uniforms. I took inspiration from the current climate of work being undertaken from home, almost reducing the need for functional workwear, and instead enabling employees to wear more relaxed, comfortable garments. I wanted to highlight the change by showcasing how office-wear has become nearly non-existent, with work leaving the rigid structures of cemented office blocks for the comfort of one’s own home. 

Combining the typical everyday textiles found within the home, such as carpets and rugs, with the archival features of historical military uniforms; a collection of garments transporting the worker from home ‘out of office’ was born.