Erin Giles

Erin Giles - BA (Hons) Fashion Art Direction

I’m Erin, a fashion image maker from Devon. I specialise in creative direction, styling and photography, and my work is influenced by my lived experiences, alongside themes such as womanhood, relationships and nature. I am inspired by the world around me and enjoy developing interesting and unique concepts to build my work upon. 

I am passionate about sustainability and inclusivity within the fashion industry and strive to reflect these values through my own work in direction, styling and casting. I am proud to have worked with a diverse range of creatives, models and designers from all over the UK and elsewhere and am always looking to expand my network of likeminded people to collaborate with. Through my works’ themes of womanhood, beauty and relationships, I am committed to creating beautiful, realistic imagery and never retouch the appearance of models that have worked with me, endeavouring to promote real beauty through my work. 

I hope to inspire and connect to others through my work in fashion photography, showcasing sustainable practice and diverse beauty.