Eve Guite

Eve Guite - BA (Hons) Textiles In Practice


As a Textile Designer, I draw my primary inspiration from tactile, three-dimensional visuals. Specialising in knitted textiles and digital design, including 3D printing, AI, and digital knit, I infuse my work with a sense of playfulness and boldness. In my ongoing exploration of textiles, I’ve found myself increasingly captivated by the interplay of colour, shape, and form. Trend research and styling serve as vital components of my practice, guiding my design decisions and ensuring that my creations remain relevant in contemporary markets.

Visual communication is integral to my design process, and I meticulously consider elements such as colour, material, and finish (CMF) design. This aspect often draws inspiration from CMF design itself, enriching my visual outputs with depth and nuance. Embracing digital innovation is an inherent part of my creative process as I continually strive to push the boundaries of textile design. Technologies like 3D printing and the Shima Seiki digital knitting machine offer exciting avenues for experimentation with texture, structure, and form. They enable me to bring my creative vision to life in innovative ways.

My recent project, 'Digitopia,' aligns with the WGSN trend, exploring digital technologies in textile design. This unit has facilitated deeper experimentation, particularly in 3D printed outcomes, focusing on shape and form through mesh layering. The journey has enriched my understanding of the intricate interplay between technology and creativity in contemporary textile design.

Through 'Digitopia,' I have delved deeper into the potential of digital tools to transform textile design. The project has allowed me to experiment with 3D printing techniques, enhancing my ability to create complex, layered structures that push the boundaries of traditional textiles. By focusing on mesh layering, I have been able to explore new dimensions of shape and form, adding a unique tactile quality to my work.