Freyha Hamayun

Freyha Hamayun - BA (Hons) Textiles In Practice

Markeaton Park

I am a textile designer who specialises in print and colour. My focus is on traditional screen printing and block printing. My work has been inspired from my childhood memories of visiting Markeaton Park with my family and being surrounded by nature. I am fascinated by the way the leaves change from the seasons to the colours. Historical design research is important within my practice, I have used the Manchester Metropolitan University, Special Collections archive and the Whitworth Museum archives. I am inspired by the many different collections, in particular the history of Batik print using traditional methods of printmaking such as block printing. My designs are aimed at the bespoke and artisan sector. These designs can be used for scarves, curtains, cushions for the interior's enviroment. Within my practice I use silk. I enjoy the diversity of the different types of silk and their different outcomes when using different dye and print processes. 

Colour experimentation has been a key focus for me, I work with different types of dyes such as reactive dyes, illuminating acid dyes and pigment dyes. Testing the colours is important because it allows me to develop a deep understanding of how the colour is produced allowing me to use it in my colour palette.

For this collection, I have created fabric samples using several different printing processes. This collection is produced using combination of screen printing, lino block printing and hand dyeing fabrics. I decided to use the traditional block printing method to place on top of the dyed fabrics. This is because each lino block print is unique.