Eve Monaghan

Eve Monaghan - BA (Hons) Textiles In Practice


I am a multi-discipline textile designer, specialising in mixed media and print design. I produce work focussed on exploring colour, movement and the relationship between the two, creating textile prints heavily inspired by the structural form within nature. I am also inspired by archive material which I like to use to provide narrative to my work in a contemporary way, using the colour palette to translate the material into a new context. 

 My practice is a synthesis of hand processes and digital techniques, blending both mediums so that I can experiment with my work with bold colours and pattern in a range of styles. I love to experiment a lot with painting in gouache, watercolours, and collage to help me with composition for creating prints, allowing me to see the scale I am working towards.   

My current print collection ‘Intertwine’ is about exploring the natural form of how seaweed flows with movement, and how that structure can be manipulated into pattern. The primary source of my inspiration for this work was my recent visit to Combe Martin, North Devon where I documented and collected seaweed as a starting point.I chose to create two print collections which reflected two different responses to the context. The ‘Form Of The Sea’ collection my aim was to capture the natural movement and textures of the sea therefore I chose to hand paint each of my devore prints to reflect the organic approach on devore linen. Compare to the ‘Colour Of The Sea’ collection I wanted to create a vibrant, exciting print collection exploring the colour ways by using the technique of screen print to capture the structure of seaweed.