Ewan Hughes-Phillips

Ewan Hughes-Phillips - BA (Hons) Filmmaking

I am an aesthetically driven individual practitioner and freelancer, often experimenting in the realms of fashion film and short-form content. Playful at heart, my work serves as a medium for experimentation and self-expression. 

For this project, I aimed to create two films with contrasting styles and aesthetics that captivate me: the playful, tacky allure of camp and trash (caracterized by general tackiness and bad taste) and the refined, sometimes dark, appeal of high-standard imagery. 

During this journey, I became enthralled by the aesthetic qualities of gimps within the kink community. Their unconventional nature, yet unapolagetic self-expression, resonated with myself as a queer creative, and became a focal point of my exploration. 

"Sexxxy Gimps in Your Area" is a love letter to trash and camp. With sexual themes, this film features two gimps inquiring about a sex party. Here I sought to challenge myself and prove that films need not to be serious or appropriate. They can be playful, vulgar, provocative and tacky - an unapolagetic display of artistic self-expression.

"Gimp Domination", in collaboration with designer Malon Fashion, embraces the professional aesthetics of dark glamour. In this fashion film, the gimps express themselves with gritty elegance, celebrating self-expression within the kink community. Here they are free to explore their fantasies without judgement.

The overarching message of this work and my creative practice is one of self-expression: live in your own world, be authentic, embrace fun and freedom, and disregard the judgements of those outside your community. 

Thanks so much to my talented cast of queer and trans models and performers: Gracie Brackstone, Miah Alexander, Willow Stone, Goodie, Minxi, Lilith, Trayvaughn Robins, Kav, Spencer Grimshaw, Kyle Croke. My hardworking crew: Grace smith (producer), Jason Barnett (Music), Daya Cole (MUA), Llenya Kinsley and Sophie Bentley (Assistants). Malon Fashion, Punk Munkeee, Celine Wringley (designers).