Georgia Valentine

Georgia Valentine - BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Technology (Menswear)


My final year has consisted of collections with research into material innovations such as wool and PrimaLoft, and breaking boundaries within menswear design through considered pattern and colour schemes. Prior to my final year I completed a 13th month internship at a Menswear brand producing Luxury, Performance - Grade apparel as a Design and Development Intern. This gave me experience in designing garments for polar exploration, which taught me how to design for the harshest environments on the planet. I have brought this knowledge into my final collection by taking inspiration from the equipment used for space exploration. This has created a new way of crossing the bridge between functionality and creativity. I'm passionate about making functional clothing artful without losing the innovations that protect us from all weather environments. The Mission GV000-24 collection is designed for exploration of urban areas and the surrounding landscapes whether this is Hampstead Heath in London or the Peak District near Manchester. With adaptability and high quality technical features these garments are for exploring the city or the harsh English weather landscapes. I enjoy the challenge of researching into new technologies that provides the customer with the highest protection but also doesn’t harm the planet. For my final collection these technical features include, PrimaLoft recycled fibres for insulation, a jacket that turns into a duvet and waterproof seam sealed seams.