Grace Smith

Grace Smith - BA (Hons) Filmmaking

Filmmaker | Producer

I am a filmmaker with a passion for working with stylized narrative films that push boundaries and challenge conventions. As traditional representation moves away from the cultural norms of the past and newer diverse voices and perspectives can be heard centre stage and reach mainstream audiences, I’m thrilled as a queer female producer to be part of a wider inclusive media landscape that can be as democratic as it can also be chaotic and disruptive.

My graduate film 'HERMIT' explores the narrative of an agoraphobe who struggles with finding purpose and place in life. The antagonist, Hermit, discovers a connection with a colony of ants which blossoms into a growing curiosity for connection and community through nature. The film challenged me as a producer to establish new skills and develop in new ways, such as curating and building a large scale set design, working closely with the director to actualise their ideas into a reality for on screen.

I thrive throughout the journey of filmmaking and relish the chance to support visionary projects from the beginnings of an idea, affording them the space to evolve through the key stages of development and dissemination. I’m committed to the collaborative process, from the initial pitch to the final edit. I want to nurture the most engaging stories and guide them towards fruition. I’m detail oriented and give my all to storytelling that challenges, enthrals as well entertains. I’m looking for projects to develop that share my values and drive to create projects that are fresh and celebrate a diverse prospective.