Ivy Chi Yee Chow

Ivy Chi Yee Chow - BA (Hons) Fashion

Goddess Venus Works On Bond Street

My journey began during a summer trip last year to Italy, where I found inspiration in the draped sculptures of Roman times. Intrigued by the way fabric elegantly enveloped the body in classical art, I aimed to bring this timeless element into the modern era. I researched designers Madam Grès and Alaia to understand and explore the draping of fabric on the body. Additionally, my surroundings played a pivotal role; having spent my placement year in Mayfair, London, where everyone was impeccably dressed and exuded a polished appearance, I was influenced by the relaxed yet refined aesthetic of well-tailored suits. Inspired by this fusion of classical elegance and contemporary style, I delved into the use of suiting fabrics for my creative pursuits, utilizing donated suit fabric from the Cavendish Resource Centre to repurpose the material and breathe new life into it. The narrative I aimed to convey is one of transformation and sophistication, envisioning "Goddess Venus Works on Bond Street," blending classical allure with a modern, sophisticated twist.