Jessie Farnsworth

Jessie Farnsworth - BA (Hons) Fine Art

Jessie's paintings originate from a deep urge to express the swirling and irregular shapes, lines and forms that exist in her mind before she acknowledges them. She is drawn to organic, fluid surfaces and structures, like amoebas or the curves of the inner ear, which she interlocks into dense fields of alternating colour. Through repeated drawing and observation, she explores the textures and weights of these colour-shapes and how they might exist in space as solid or ethereal connected entities.

Each painting is an independent scenario. Some seem to align, sharing a similar existence, whilst others feel like glimpses into different times and places. Sometimes, shapes and forms reappear across multiple paintings, as if they're traveling through time. They have also developed distinct visual character that resonates with Jessie's exploration of painting’s relationship with sound and her intense personal perception on auditory experience.

The paintings deal with a combination of slowness and quickness demonstrated through ‘tinny’ marks, wispy lines and loud, solid forms. These different factures contribute to a tiered system within each painting, generating vertical depth and slim distance across the painted field.