Khayra Meghraoua - BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation

Handle with care

Growing up in an environment of multiple cultures and the love of nature, I grew passionate about exploring different ways of communication, exploration and combination. This project showcases an implied wellbeing from the experience of cooking. In comparison to art, cooking is a devotional and colourful, many shaped and transformative experience. Especially when it belongs to families and communities, it is a shared positive experience just like art could be. The ability to self-express and create something with care make cooking an act of love. It is a consideration the people’s needs, even if it is something as simple as needing to eat for the day. Through animated sequence, I have shown a sequence to view how our modern society of convenience. We have exchanged being able to eat from something sentimental, social and even healthy, to something quick and easy to maintain. It reduces the consideration for our wellbeing and that is why this animation sequence shows cooking from around the world, a global experience we can all relate to, from all demographics, who dedicates slow time and knowledge passed down for the simple act of a meal. 

I hope to continue using art in a way that can heal or simplify and give soothing visuals for people to enjoy and reconnect with their values. I believe everyone exists meaningfully and hope the interaction of art can remind our internal states are just as necessary to peruse as much as our exterior lives. In whatever capacity, I am keen to explore however visual storytelling may come as, whether through a brush, a camera, sound or print.