Lily Whawell

Lily Whawell - BA (Hons) Textiles In Practice

Rigid Tactility

As a Structural Knit Designer, I test and explore the possibilities of knit, pushing the boundaries of traditional views and attitudes that are often associated with knitted textiles. This includes testing paper folding in different paper types such as acetate and tracing paper, exploring the function of folds and the contrast of different materials. My process as a practitioner consists of exploring non-traditional yarns and the performance of new materials when knitted, with a focus on folded shapes seen in origami and architecture, reimagining structure into an open-ended context. My interest in structural knit was sparked by exploring rigid architectural type structures and creating a contrasting textile texture by merging soft knitted sampling with solid structures. My knitted collection ‘Rigid Tactility’ is visually opposite in texture to the architectural forms they are inspired by, including my paper structures that inform each knitted piece. The fascination of the hybrid texture and structure within my sampling encourages me to push my practice as I continue to explore the contrasting outcomes and how the creative process develops with each new yarn being tested. Translating origami processes in an unexpected discipline has opened many possibilities to test and explore the boundaries of knit alongside furthering my skills and knowledge within my practice. Pushing the possibilities of knit excites me as a new graduate entering the design industry and the capabilities there are to create with new technology and processes. I am inspired heavily by fashion but the beauty of my body of work is that the context is open ended and continually being informed in a new area of design.