Lily Williamson

Lily Williamson - BA (Hons) Textiles In Practice

Vision through sound

I am an artist who explores the process of tactile authenticity through a range of mediums such as collage, print, editorial photography, illustration and sense response. I explore these design methods using human senses such as sound and touch to develop a range of motifs that convey the tactile process and understanding of human contact and methodology in relation to my brief or project.

Key aspects of inspiration within my work come from the world around me. Whether that be man-made aspects such as culture or noise pollution which have played key roles in the production of my repeat pattern designs as well as my experimental layered illustrations and prints that explore colour, pattern & form and the relationship they have to our auditory faculty. This process of designing enables me to encompass a narrative of inclusivity as my work demonstrates the less exposed methods in which we can portray colour, sound, music, vibration etc. This is especially important within my work as people with neurodivergence or hearing impairments have generally been overlooked in the past and my work helps to identify other ways in which people can see, hear or feel the world through colour, pattern and design. Other notable inspirations come from the natural world, as I have explored textural surfaces using mediums such as puff binder, collaging natural materials and printing on materials such as bark.

Many of my designs stem from large scale free form drawings that help to create more refined motifs within each of my projects. This style of large-scale drawing/ design is something that helps me visualise my designs in a contextual setting and brings my exploration of process to life as the spectator can see the physical layers put into my work by tactile process.