Megan Davis

Megan Davis - BA (Hons) Textiles In Practice

New Connections

As a multidisciplinary artist specializing in printed textile designs, my practice revolves around the natural world while also exploring ways to voice issues impacting our everyday lives. My process begins with initial sketches, which I then translate and enhance using digital design. These designs are subsequently printed onto fabric, combining traditional printing techniques with embroidery. My designs tend to have an intuitive and playful approach; by embracing this, each design has a personal hand stamp.

"New Connections" is an illuminating project shedding light on the decline in club culture and the younger generation's need for new ways to connect. This collection is inspired by the joys of sharing time and creating memories over cuisine. My samples are intended to be used and executed to create a picnic collection. The vibrancy and exploration of an 'imperfect' art style create a sense of nostalgia and security in which new bonds can bloom, hence 'new connections'.