Megan Evans

Megan Evans - BA (Hons) Fine Art

"These things will sit here. They may merge into fog and rain, existing oxidised, half-forgotten, but they are still here to be pored through.  

And though the pieces may fall, or scatter, or be lost completely, spend enough time and the picture builds back up. What is gone can be inferred from what remains.  

Feel the size and the weight of it and think about what may have been there. It starts to patch itself together, with what it can find - loose materials to hand.  

It becomes one with the wall, a hybrid of brick and moss, vines in place of mortar. The wall becomes its own. Cracks pull apart and mesh back together again.  

There is no point in saying it shouldn’t be there when it already is, and has been.  

This wall, that should have fallen years ago, may not be what it was meant to be, not originally. And eventually, inevitably, it will become a pile of bricks and scrap, 

For now, it is here, belonging to the moss."