Tarumbidzwa Nyarumwe - BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Technology

Tropiese Fantasie

My name is Taru Ingrid Nyarumwe, I am a born and raised Zimbabwean, who migrated to the UK at the age of 7. Growing up in Africa, I was exposed to the culture, bright colours, vibrant patterns within clothes worn by people and different tribes. In my collection I wanted to bring this aspect of Africa into the western world in a more luxurious way, through luxury clothing that can be worn out or holiday. My collection ‘Tropiese Fantasie’ has been inspired by my African heritage and the Western culture I have been exposed to. The name is ‘Tropical Fantasy’ in Afrikaans, which is Africa’s 3rd most spoken language making it a native language. I chose the name to be in Afrikaans because like the language being mixed with opposing countries, Western Germanic and Africa, my collection is a result of an African native who has been affected by the western culture.

Combining western glam culture and rural African customs, I looked into African tribes and their ways of life, how they present themselves and how the environment/climate affects the construction of their clothing, their choices and I merged this with different western fashion styles that i wasn’t familiar with before immigrating.

The purpose of my collection and concept is to celebrate Africa’s bright colours (not just with their prints), traditions and people in an innovative way that can be celebrated in high fashion whilst also aiming to share the feeling of freedom and beauty felt by women in African tribes when wearing their clothing.