Chloe Johnson
BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

Chloe Johnson

My practice explores 3D printed textiles intertwined with hand and digital embroidery, whilst also focusing on various textures and materials. At the same time translating Victorian elements integrated with a detailed, innovative, contemporary style.

This project specifically focuses on ornamentation within historical buildings. One particular ornament that I have become immensely inspired by is ‘Acanthus Mollies’ which is one of the most common plant forms to make ornament, and decoration.

The deeply curled leaves and flowers inspired me throughout my initial starting point for my project and has been a continuation throughout my design processes.

Throughout the past year nature has become a common theme throughout my projects, which has led me onto combining natural made (Nature) with manmade (Ornament). My practice has also involved exploring a range of various manmade machinery such as Ultimaker S5 and Formlabs Form 3+ SLA Printers alongside using digital software’s (Fusion 360, Preform and Cura).

My intention moving forward is to develop my practice further and experiment with new and upcoming machinery within the 3D printing industry, whilst still incorporating textiles/ fashion elements. Having come from a varied fashion and art background allows me to apply my skills and knowledge into my current and future practice parallel to exploring new techniques and software's.

Design Award Shortlisted