Danna Elizabeth Campoverde Nono
BA (Hons) Fine Art

Danna Elizabeth Campoverde Nono

El camino . . .

Preserving the memories of our own life constitutes the construction of our own narrative and existence, within a spatiality, temporality and language. The look on the self through mental images of past situations or events is the foundation of our individual and collective identity.

Danna Campoverde explores memory preservation from a diasporic perspective by analysing her links with family, friends and places. Using analog photography, unfired clay and personal objects of great sentimental nature, she seeks to represent the fragility of the moment, as well as its timelessness, struggling with the perishable character of what has already been lived. Through her sculptures and installations, Danna reconstructs her memories in the present alluding to themes of movement, relocation and settlement yearning for a return to the past, but helping the development of the artist’s identity in the present within a social and individual context.

The memory is the evidence of the ephemeral moment and seeking its preservation only indicates the death of the same.

Llévame siempre al recordar y por favor nunca me olvides porque te aseguro no te he de olvidar.