Elsie Hughes
BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

The way of the loom means working intuitively and with one’s hands – feeling the way through the design. 'When I am at the loom, I am in flow, and this guides design thought and processes married with a sensitivity to the sensorial.'

A manifestation of a cathartic connection to the weaving process. The development work and final piece (see vertical gallery) takes a deep dive into the subconscious of the weaver. Life is lived and borne through vivid colour and intensity which is reaffirmed through the repetition of beating back the cloth on the loom, fixing broken ends and weaving in colours that morph through light and dark.

Based in fine art, their practice pushes where fiber art intersects with high quality textiles. They frequently experiment with unconventional materials to create sculptural woven objects, often combining that process with digital software (Blender) to create surreal and unexpected outcomes. What is designed in the digital space influences the physical weaves and vice versa, for pieces that challenge conventional woven textiles. 

Vertical Gallery Commission