Emerson Baigent
BA (Hons) Drama and Contemporary Performance

Emerson Baigent

Please Laugh

Please Laugh, is a peice I developed as part of our Artists Unit back in January inspired by the work of Tian Glasgow, I decided to revisit it for the degree show as I felt the show has a lot more potential and I want an excuse to work on it further. 

This is the first (and probably only) time I have written and performed stand up comedy, I did mostly just to challenge myself but also it came about to oppose the vulnerabilty of what I actually wanted to commuicate. I love working with extremes and what could be more extreme than the confidence that's requires to do comedy/

The piece is a little bit story telling, a fair bit comedy and a little bit dramatic. My aim is to explore being vulnerable onstage and dissolve the idea of persona, which version of the performer is real, could they ever be real while being on a stage?