Drama and Contemporary Performance

Live Performances

On Wednesday 21 June 2023, BA (Hons) Drama and Contemporary Performance students will be presenting two live performances in the Grsovenor East building. Tickets are not required.

Please laugh…

Written and performed by Emerson Baigent.

Please laugh set out to discover how it feels to be truly vulnerable in front of an audience. The show, devised by Emerson in response to the visiting artists’ project in the third year of Drama and Contemporary Performance, was first performed in February this year. A solo performance exploring comedy, autobiography and identity, Please laugh is stand-up quoting stand up, not doing stand-up. But it is stand-up, so please … just laugh.

Wednesday 21 June, 5.30pm
Grosvenor East 1.04

Etiquette (or the Big Feed)

Written and performed by Grace Hill, Kaja Lutosławska, Viola Machin, Daisy Nicholson and Emily Pickup.

You are cordially invited to The Big Feed. The table is set for a simple dinner, requesting the presence of four guests, unknown to each other but sharing a collective amnesia: they seem to have no recollection of their lives before tonight. At first, the familiar etiquette is observed – the faltering conversations, the temporary liaisons – but when the enigmatic host is introduced, the party descends into a phantasmagoria: invisible forces pull the rites and rituals of the dinner party into madness. Was this always destined to happen? Is there any way out?

Etiquette was devised by the company in response to the visiting artists’ project in the third year of Drama and Contemporary Performance. The piece, first performed in February this year, blends found text, movement and sound to bring cinematic horror tropes to the stage, challenging the audience’s impulse to make sense of what they’re looking at. Surprising, disturbing, rich in formal and aesthetic complexity, Etiquette uses, investigates and destabilizes the material essence of theatre.

Wednesday 21 June, 6pm
Grosvenor East GF11

Maggie Thorn

Emerson Baigent