Helen Haeussermann
BA (Hons) Interior Design

Helen Haeussermann

About me

I believe in human centered design and the importance of nature towards an empathic environment. My knowledge spans across multiple disciplines and allows me to think and create inclusively. I am a material explorer and excited about future projects' potential to develop new materials and solutions that can revolutionize the design industry. 



Nuo is a short pop-up project based on my final major project. The structure is inspired by the shapes and movements of nature and delivers the message of activity and well-being from enso to a wider audience in Manchester. Through the use of biomaterials, curiosity is provoked in the protagonist, encouraging them to move through the space and change its configuration. As a result, the biodegradable and circular materials are brought closer to the user and a material awareness is created.


Enso is a self-initiated brief and was an opportunity to explore age-inclusive design for the final project of my degree. The proposal is an intergenerational space that celebrates age at all stages of life through gardening, dancing and pockets of interaction. The meaning of enso comes from the Japanese zen circle and represents social connections to tackle loneliness in later stages of life. Focusing especially on the 3rd and 4th ages, the space hears and sees vulnerable people and aims for an ageless quality of life.

Design Award Shortlisted