Jake Cameron
BA (Hons) Interior Design

Jake Cameron


Research shows LGBTQ+ young people are more likely to find themselves homeless than their non-LGBTQ+ peers. Only 3% of the UK population identify as LGBTQ+, but make up around 24% of the young homeless population. On top of this, they are far more likely to be subjected to violence - both in and out of services.

what is kiln?

Kiln is an inclusive, rent-stabilized and ceramics-led initiative providing transitional housing for displaced LGBTQ+ youth. Kiln works collaboratively with The Men’s Room and AKT, aiming to break the cycle of poverty and housing instability for the LGBTQ+ community. The collaboration is aimed to educate, house and uplift members of this marginalized community, using ceramics as a form of self-expression. Kiln is designed as a model scheme to initiate continuous improvement and development of necessary housing for some of the most vulnerable within our society. Kiln provides 11 accessible housing units, supported and run by experienced charity workers.

Take a seat

Inspired by a poem by Morgan Harper Nichols, take a seat is a scheme designed to support and connect members of the lgbtq+ community, sharing and capturing queer memories and displaying them in ceramic form. The scheme is designed to begin a conversation on fair housing as well as promote kiln and other local resources, supporting youth before the worst possible situation. This all begins with a question, what makes you different? this is in place to encourage an emotional response, leading to an organic physical response at Kiln’s Ceramic Studio - supporting and connecting lgbtq+ youth to already established communities.

Design Award Winner