Phoebe Coveney
BA (Hons) Interior Design


The brief of this project is to demonstrate the future of dining and to showcase the future of interior design. It intends to improve consumer socialisation and reduce the mentioned fears around socialising since COVID-19. Ancoats is an up-and-coming area in Manchester, currently under a redevelopment programme that has been funded by large investment companies, it is promised to be the place to be in Manchester. Being from Manchester myself, this contributed massively to my inspiration to bring something new to the city; something unique and different. From research and personal opinion, Manchester has yet to take that step and dive into the future.

Innovative and immersive design was the aim of this project, being strongly inspired by the metaverse along the way, with it being one of my greatest interests and having a lot of subject knowledge surrounding it already, I was inspired to put my research into practice. The futuristic technology that is due to commence this year truly does feel unrealistic, but having the opportunity to present that to others, in order to educate them on the ‘not so impossible’, motivated this project enormously. I have showcased technology in previous projects, but this project particularly has encouraged me to think outside of the box and plunge into the fact that design has no boundaries. I believe the future of design holds no limits, so this project has truly enabled the submergence into the future of our world, creating a dining experience that may feel dream-like but is most definitely possible. 

The future is wired with endless opportunities and no research is powerful enough to predict the future, but research is strong enough to inspire and reflect through design, and in the end the design outcome is in fact the powerful source that can predict the future, which is Hypnotic.