Kate Lawrence
BA (Hons) Fine Art

My practice explores the concerns with both language as a carrier of messages but also as a visual form in its self, through documenting conversations both personal and pointless and scrutinizing both the intimate and the futile ramblings, there is a large  focus on the speed of communication and the accessibility we now have. The entity of 'Time' being a key principle in my work means that my material processes are often reflective of this duration and demonstrate my own curiosities with the time spent in between sending and receiving text messages, through the combiniation of the 21st century technology together with the traditional craftmenship of the letterpress. 

As well as exploring my own visual relationship with language and the found beauty in sequence, repetition and readability (or lack of) it has resulted in the deconstruction of my prior knowledge of language. By focusing on the materialisation of language instead, I celebrate the infinite possibilities of language and its endlessness.