Taylor Li
BA (Hons) Fine Art

I was inspired by the fragments of childhood memory and individual culture through the medium of painting. I was significantly influenced by the hidden memories of my grandmother’s house in my work, incorporating elements from the past one-child policy era. I have overlapped them and created texture by superimposing various colours and using heavy, immediate and active gestures. The appearance of these elements is not in a fixed order but mixed through reality and imagination.

To translate these memories, I build my painting by using multiple layers of medium and creating asymmetrical balance on the surface. Acrylic paints usually dry efficiently. Furthermore, I can always return with new ideas and thoughts. During this process, layers in my painting act as a metaphor to connect my memory. The bottom layer is like the memory I experienced before and the upper layer of my painting is present. Throughout my work, I attempt to make viewers feel like on a visual journey and empathise with the complicated memories that I used to have.