Lois Battraisey
BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation

Lois Battraisey


Lois Battraisey is a UK based illustrator and animator. She specialises in experimental, multi-media animation, exploring absurd and contemporary themes. Her practice is graphic and colourful, with humourous undertones.

Papercut is a short film centred around an alien like character called Urk. The film takes us through Urks daily routine, each part taking place in a different universe. The animation explores the concept of a multi-verse and how an animated character might exist in worlds made using different animated techniques. The concept of animation is weird in its nature, taking something inanimate, and animating it. Therefore Papercut utalises the inherantly weird nature of animation and explores what it might be like for an animation to live a mundane life.

The Mediums used to create this film include, paper puppet animation, live action film, and digital animation, with props made from papier-mâché, coloured paper, cardboard and wood. Featuring Music by Caroline Morris, and Starring Emerson Baigent as Urk.