Max Etchells
BA (Hons) Photography

Max Etchells

Natures Grip

Max Edward Etchells is an experimental photographer living in Ramsbottom, Lancashire, who focuses on the ideas of wonder and Imagination. He describes his work as being realistic surrealism.

In his images he tries to capture some form of surrealism in everyday objects and life experiences. Turning realistic scenarios into an unexpected outcomes. He also tries to focus on the story and how the images produced create interesting dynamics and unanticipated moments in time. His aim is to show how photography has an impact on the emotions of the image, whether they be joyful, sad, scared, lonely or angry.

The image making process is often to plan his shoots by sketching them out so that he can visualise the space and objects before staging them. Sometimes an image may naturally evolve differently than expected. The work that he creates includes both outdoor and in the studio.