Saoirse Fitzgibbon
BA (Hons) Photography

Saoirse Fitzgibbon

Stepping Stones

Photography is the medium I use to explore relationships between people, places, and identities. I am driven to create these visual narratives by a desire to evoke emotion and spark introspective thinking. Having moved countries in my developing years, the idea of 'home' has always influenced my perception of spaces and what elements make us, as people, who we are. 

My work is very personal, so I prefer to photograph the people I'm closest with and places I identify with, as it allows the viewers to connect with the work's intimacy. As a female photographer working with the idea of identity, I want to amplify women's voices and experiences to celebrate the women who have influenced my life for the better. 

In this series, I examine the journey of identity, each image as a stepping stone depicting the influences, places and uncertainties that aid in finding oneself.