Morgan Bucknall
BA (Hons) Interior Design

Morgan Bucknall

The Lotus Wellness Centre

In 2020, 1 in every 225 pregnancies ended in stillbirth.

The Lotus Wellness Centre aims to raise awareness of Stillbirth, miscarriage and neonatal deaths, support and connect parents, and create a safe space for them to repair together.

The Lotus Wellness Centre hopes to give Still Parents in and around Manchester, the needed aftercare.

It does this through circular design details, soft materiality and a design process that responds to the Stages Of Grief. Combating stigma and silence around StillBirth, one step at a time.

As a designer, I aspire to create conceptually and considerately. I was responding to real-world problems through research and development on this project to create an atmospheric and responsive design. A career I am eager to explore is events, such as weddings, parties, fundraisers etc. Integrating my design skills to create unique installations, atmospheres and design schemes would be a great opportunity.