Oonagh Phipp
BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

Influenced by Issey Miyake's archive magazine  imagery to inspire texture and colour, I have been interested in exploring creating an atmosphere and emotion through design and technique .Through composition and use of contrasting colours, the design seeks to capture the essence of Miyake's fabrics. The scarf's construction uses intricate knitting techniques that combine different stitches, patterns, and yarns that I hope will resonate with individuals who appreciate the intersection of art, fashion, and craftsmanship.

This work is heavily influenced by "thing-power", how objects are alive due to their capacity to give effects, to shape the web of interrelationships of which they are a part of. In a world where a materialistic way of life often dominates, we commonly discard and replace objects easily, devaluing their thing-power.  I believe in the meaning of the act which consists of making something. “Ultimately, technology is not the most important thing, it is always our brains, our thoughts, our hands, our bodies which express the most essential things… the foundation of expression, after all, is still that which human beings create, the emotion they provoke” - Issey Miyake

This work involves creating more meaningful objects, infusing them with a sense of purpose and emotional connection, that i hope will have a lasting impact on the wearer and viewer.