Sophie Palmer
BA (Hons) Interior Design

Sophie Palmer


MINDSPACE is a hybrid co-working space designed to accommodate and support neurodiverse individuals. The space offers different working environments designed to be safe, inclusive and inviting. Mindspace embraces neurodiversity and supports all individuals. People have the choice as to where to work/study, selecting a specific work environment within the workplace that best suits their needs. Neurodiversity is a relativley new term used to describe neurological differences. It is important to embrace and support these individuals as there is commonly a misconception in the workplace that ‘one size fits all’, whereas Mindspace embraces the differences of all individuals.


TAKEMIND is a sensory information experience supporting the neurodiverse community, especially university students who wish to findout about neurodiversity and what support is available. It provides a hub where individuals can be signposted to areas of the university that would support them in their individual needs. This informative pop-up also raises awareness and tackles the stigma around neurodiversity. It offers a place where students can gain further knowledge, freely ask questions, be signposted to obtain further support and create conversation around neurodiversity.