Willoughby Carswell - BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Technology (Womenswear)

As an early Gen Z, I grew up with the internet. I worked out how to create in digitally and in rudimentary 3D online by playing video games, spending as long designing skins and outfits for my avatars as I did playing the games.I grew up using a huge variety of software from Pivot and Flash to animate, Photoshop, as I refined my practice I migrated to procreate, illustrator and most recently, Clo3D. 

Throughout my life I've developed a cast of characters which I always have on hand to implement into ridiculous scenarios. ‘The Phat Damned Phew’ featuring HH, Min, Riley and Chris. These characters have grown up with me and I have been drawing them designing their clothes and adventures for about 20 years. They've been included in the zines I create.  The latest incarnation of these characters is as the future dive bar headliners, ‘Chopstick Galactic’ which was featured in my graduate collection. 

The opportunity to study fashion design at University has allowed me to create my outfit ideas in real life using Clo3D. I really enjoy pushing the boundaries of and seeing what I can achieve within the programme. Being a digital creator, the software really allows me to explore more interesting concepts that may be hindered by being physical.

My muses are Lupin the 3rd, Scott Pilgrim, Jet Set Radio Future, Tom and Jerry, Yellow submarine (the movie), Jamie Hewlett, and my amazing wife. All of these inspirations you can see in my work. I like the funk and exuberance of life, I am forever frustrated by the lack of excitement and humour in the things we consume. My work is intended to be fun and ultimately make you smile.